quarantine gaming list   |  July 7, 2020

A list of games I bought during the x-Community Quarantine. (List will be updated from time to time)

Running total: 13423.76 PHP (Wow I didn’t expect it to be this big)
Currently playing: Ni No Kuni 2

Mar 17 – Watchdogs 2

PC – 660.00 PHP

Binili ko ‘to kasi nagustuhan ko ‘yung Watchdogs 1. GTA na tech ang theme. Pero itong second part, sobrang cringe. 10/10 won’t recommend.

Apr 02 – Animal Crossing: New Horizon

Switch – 59.99 USD

I mean.

Apr 02 – Sniper Elite 4

PC – 287.99 PHP

Huge fan of sniper games. Favorite ko sa Timezone ‘yung Silent Scope. Maganda naman ito pero it gets old real quick.

May 04 – For The King

PC – 449.95 PHP

Luck-heavy game. Sometimes fun. Mostly annoying. Good when playing with friends. Can’t really recommend if solo mo lalaruin.

May 23 – Metro Exodus

PC – 1484.28 PHP

Survival first person shooter, meaning mahirap makahanap ng bala, meaning this is really a stealth game. My kind of thing. Cringe lang ‘yung Russian dialogues pero pwede na.

May 29 – The Outer Worlds

PC – 19.24 USD

This game is beautiful. Compared sa Metro Exodus, this has deeper RPG elements a la Fall Out: New Vegas. The graphics naman is a little bit like Bioshock. 12/10 will recommend.

Jun 03 – Disco Elysium

PC – 829.95 PHP

This is a book disguised as a game. Story heavy game. A different take on the detective genre. Expect to read a lot.

Jun 19 – The Last of Us Part 2

PS4 – 59.99 USD

I mean.

Jun 26 – Doom Eternal

PC – 1260 PHP

First Doom game that I actually played. It is actually forgiving even if you are a newbie. Breath of fresh air from the stressful environment that is TLOU2. No BS ratratan first person shooter. 12/10 will recommend.

Jun 27 – Ni No Kuni 2

PC – 840 PHP

I love this game. Action JRPG with base building elements. A little bit too easy pero may grinding involved pa rin. You have to go AFK from time to time para maka-ipon ng resources. 12/10 will recommend.