bobotante   |  May 16, 2019

I hate that word.

I find it elitist and demeaning. People clamor to vote for candidates who deserve it and I 100% agree with them but does it give us the right to call people who vote “trapos” as “bobo”?

If so, then I guess people who didn’t even bother to go out and vote are way worse than these “bobotantes”. I mean, at least they practiced their right to suffrage while the other half just didn’t give a damn. I think these people should be heavily criticized and held accountable to what will happen to our country in the following years.

Still funny af tho

Which brings me to my next point: a number of my friends are very active in campaigning and making sure a certain group of politicians don’t get (re)elected. I believe their intentions are good but this gesture adds very little value. We already know that. Tell us something we don’t. Instead of sharing memes of how much they stole and how stupid their campaign jingles are, tell us what time voting precincts open and close, what’s the process we need to follow when we get there, and how long the lines are.

Again, democracy is and will always be a popularity contest. How will these leaders win if you’re not going to vote for them? The actual problem we — the middle class, people who have 8-5 jobs, those who drive cars and ride Grab, eat out every 15 and 30, and line up at Shake Shack — need to address is not those “bobotantes” voting for “trapos” every election. It is us not even bothering to get out and vote kasi mainit.